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You live life in the fast lane; always on the go. You are not bound by an office or traditional work hours. The world is your workplace. You are a member of the next generation mobile workforce. You travel from city to city without missing a beat. You are not limited by time zones - you are a global citizen. You understand quality, luxury, value and new urban trends. Armed with your handheld technology you work, play and experience life on your terms. You work from and have your meetings at Travail - where the connected transient community come together to experience the best of of what a cowork lounge has to offer. Premium short-term workspace if you don’t have your own office. Luxury meeting space when you are away from your office. Professional work environment - engage, be productive, be profitable.

  • Cowork

    Travail is an evolution of the serviced office - not just offices - a workspace designed around your modern work requirements

  • Lounge

    Travail gives the transient workforce acces to a business lounge, a cafe, meeting rooms, boardrooms, hot desks and private suites

  • Productivity

    At Travail you can engage and work undisturbed - be productive - focus, collaborate, innovate and socialize on your terms

  • Flexibility

    Travelling on business to South Africa from abroad, inside our borders or just around the corner - you can work or meet at Travail

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